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Do you want to open an escape room and don't know what to begin with in the first place? Trapped can help you get started!

We are one of the first escape rooms in Romania, with over 5 years of activity, 7 created games and over 40.000 customers!

Why the Trapped Franchise?

7 designed games

In the 5 years of experience, we have created 7 rooms, which were played and appreciated by over 40.000 customers! We have created different scenarios, suitable for each stage of your business and market demand.

5 years of experience

We opened in 2014, being one of the first escape rooms on the market in Romania. We have gone through all stages of demand, we have adapted and constantly created unique rooms, unique concepts, offering our clients the best experience. 

market notoriety

In the 5 years of existence, Trapped has become notorious, creating a strong brand image and being known for innovation and quality in the escape room business.

customer service

By constantly working with clients, we have noticed their current preferences and trends, so we can share our vast experience with you!

Trapped Escape Room Games

The Black Pearl





In Time





What if?






Trapped Junior




The Bunker





The elements










contact us now and start your own escape room project!