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different school

Do you want to choose a unique activity for your students that will stimulate them to the maximum but also entertain them?

Organize the event School Otherwise at Trapped!

Why is the school so different from Trapped?

Trapped offers students an unforgettable experience that they will surely remember! In addition to having a great time, an escape room experience will give them the opportunity to learn to work as a team, to shape their leadership skills, to develop logical and creative thinking and to think 'outside the box'. '.

high capacity

Trapped has 4 games, with a maximum capacity of 26 at the same time!

Central location

Trapped is located in downtown Bucharest, which means you can reach it easily by all means of transportation. The Universitate subway stop is withing 5 minutes walking distance and there are also STB stops around. And, if you come here by car, it's even easier!

Unique games

Our location has 4 spectacular escape room games, characterized by unique puzzles and captivating design.

Candyland is specially designed for children, and The Black Pearl, What if and In time can be adapted for their game.

candyland game

Candyland is the first room in Bucharest specially designed for children!

It has an enchanting design and a game that can be adapted to all age categories: 5-7ani, 7-10 years, 10-13 years.

Our offer:

Unique price of 35 RON / child!

  • offer valid from Monday to Friday, for a group of at least 15 children
  • If you have a larger group and want more games in a row, contact us!