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Kids Birthday Parties

Do you want to celebrate your kid's birthday in a unique way?

Organize the party at Trapped escape room!

Why choose a party at Trapped?

Trapped offers the kids an unforgettable experience and an exciting alternative to classic birthday parties. Besides having fun, your child and his friends learn how to communicate as a team, solve puzzles and coordinate towards the ultimate goal of escape!

In addition, at Trapped you have a number of advantages to make your party a truly memorable one:

high capacity

Trapped has 4 games, with a maximum capacity of 26 at the same time!

Central location

Trapped is located in downtown Bucharest, which means you can reach it easily by all means of transportation. The Universitate subway stop is withing 5 minutes walking distance and there are also STB stops around. And, if you come here by car, it's even easier!

Unique games

Our location has 4 spectacular escape room games, characterized by unique puzzles and captivating design.

Candyland is specially designed for children, and The Black Pearl, What if and In time can be adapted for their game.

candyland game

Candyland is the first room in Bucharest specially designed for children!

It has an enchanting design and a game adaptable to the age categories: 6-8 years, 8-10 years, 10-13 years.

customized invitations

We will design the invitation card according to any desired theme or preference. We can either print or email it to you depending on your choise.

event design

On request, and with extra charge we can handle the decoration aspects of the event: balloons, banners, props.

PARTNERS discount

Place the order with us for your event at Trapped and get a discount at
Pizza Hut!

dedicated staff

You don't have to worry about any organizational aspect of the party at Trapped, as our staff will take on these tasks: serving, welcoming guests, photos, etc.

How will the party take place?

Organizing a birthday party at Trapped involves booking the entire location, regardless of the number of guests, for two consecutive games played by each team. This means that the minimum duration of a party is of an approximately 3 hours and runs as follows:

→ 10 minutes of Introduction to the rules of the game and in the story of each room

→ Maximum 60 minutes of playing each escape room game

20 minutes break for pizza and/or snacks

30 minutes at the end for serving cake and taking photos

Surprise your child with a memorable escape room party!