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This regulation represents the terms and conditions of use of the site Any order / reservation placed on this site must comply with this Regulation and the applicable legislation in force.


Site administrator is REILIN TREE SRL company registered in the trade register Under number J23 / 1104 / 11.04.2014, Unique Registration Code: 31699074, having its headquarters in Intrarea Margaritarului no. 2, ground floor, room 1, Otopeni, Jud. Ilfov. E-mail:

This Regulation is addressed to all users of the website and establishes the rules for the electronic reservation of available products, for placing orders and the rules for concluding contracts for the sale of products.


  1. REILIN TREE SRL allows the conclusion of contracts for the distance sale of products via the Internet and provides a series of services, provided in this Regulation.
  2. The contract for the sale of the products is concluded between the user of the web page and REILIN TREE SRL. The condition of placing reservations / orders on the site is the knowledge of this Regulation and its acceptance.
  3. The information provided by the Customer during the placement of the order / reservation must be real, current and accurate. REILIN TREE reserves the right to refuse the order, in case the data provided make it impossible to honor the reservation / order. Before refusing to make the order, the Administrator will try to contact the Customer to determine what data is needed to make it possible.
  4. The customer who used the services of the website has the obligations:
  5. a) not to provide and transmit information prohibited by law;
  6. b) to use the web page in a way that does not disturb its functioning;
  7. c) not to disseminate and not to place incorrect commercial information within the web page;
  8. d) to use the web page in a way that does not create inconveniences for other clients and for its Administrator;
  9. e) to use the information published in the pages of the store only for personal purposes.



  1. The website allows you to place orders online, following the order placement procedure.
  2. The customer can place an order without having to permanently register his personal data in the database of the web page (order without registration).
  3. The condition for placing the order is to fill in the form with all the required data, necessary both for sending / confirming the order / reservation, and for generating the fiscal invoice or fiscal receipt from the system.
  4. Until the confirmation of the selection of the products with the "Send order" key, the customer has the possibility to make changes regarding the product in the order, as well as the delivery and invoicing data. The confirmation by the Customer of the order through the "Complete the order" key is equivalent to accepting the obligation to pay the price of the products.
  5. When placing the order, the Customer receives a message regarding the placed order at the indicated e-mail address. 



Reservations can be made both by phone and online. In both cases, the reservation will be confirmed by an e-mail containing all the information related to it. If you have not received a confirmation email, please contact us by phone at 0748727733 or by email at To cancel or modify the reservation, participants must contact the Trapped team by phone or email at least 2 hours before booking.



  1. The physical products purchased online are delivered to the address indicated by the Customer in the order. The estimated term for the delivery of the products is established in the order summary, before the confirmation by the Customer of the placement of the order through the "Send order" button. The products are delivered to the address indicated in Romania by the courier company Fan Courier. The fees for the delivery of the products are indicated in the order placement process.
  2. Electronic products purchased online (vouchers, Trapped @ home kit) are delivered immediately after payment processing, in pdf format to the e-mail address provided when placing the order.



  1. The customer has the right to withdraw from the sales contract without indicating any reason, based on legal provisions.
  2. The withdrawal period from the contract for the sale of products expires 3 days before the date of the reserved event or within 14 days from the receipt of the order in the case of Trapped @ home kits.
  3. In order to exercise his right of withdrawal from the contract, the Client must contact the Administrator by e-mail at and to submit the request within the previously provided term. In order to comply with the withdrawal period from the contract, it is sufficient for the Client to send the information regarding his decision to exercise the right of withdrawal before the expiration of the withdrawal period (3 days before the date of the reserved event or within 14 days of receipt of the order). in the case of Trapped @ home kits).
  4. The return of the amounts paid by the Client is made in the same way as the one chosen by the Client at the initial transaction.



  1. Teams of 2 to 5 members can participate in the game. Teams will arrive on the date and time of booking. Participants will be given a short presentation about the game and the rules of conduct inside the room. In case of non-compliance with these rules, the organizers reserve the right to interrupt the game without reimbursing its value.
  2. Game participants must follow the COVID-19 rules in force at the time of booking. Otherwise, the organizers reserve the right to cancel or interrupt the game immediately without refunding its value.
  3. Access to the game is not allowed under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. In these cases the organizers reserve the right to immediately cancel or discontinue the game without reimbursing its value. It is also not allowed access to alcoholic beverages or narcotics in the Trapped premises. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Trapped room.
  4. The participants understand and accept that during the game, the door of the room in which they will be locked will be locked. This will only be opened by resolving the room or at the end of the 60 minutes of play. In exceptional situations caused by the health or safety problems of the participants, the organizers will open the door as a matter of urgency.
  5. The participants understand and accept that during the game and for its proper performance, they will be watched with the surveillance camera inside the room. The use of surveillance cameras is necessary for the proper functioning of the game. The organizers will not take photo or video captures at any time during the game.
  6. People suffering from claustrophobia, panic attacks, asthma, heart disease or other disorders incompatible with the game are advised not to participate. If a participant in one of these conditions decides to participate in the game, he will do so on his own responsibility. Trapped does not assume responsibility for participating in the game of that person. If during the game the person decides to interrupt it, the organizers will unlock the door.
  7. The scenarios of the rooms were realized taking into account all the necessary precautions: the rooms do not contain elements that are harmful or harmful to the participants.
  8. Games are based on the use of intelligence, logic and intuition. Under no circumstances is it necessary to use force. Any damage to the room or objects inside it will be charged to the participating team that caused it. The solutions of the games do not imply the alteration of the decorations, the furniture, the surveillance, sound, lighting or electrical installations.
  9. Objects marked with "DO NOT TOUCH" do not contain any clues. Do not remove the markings.
  10. The participants understand and accept the confidentiality of the game. It will not be made public (neither partially nor wholly) by the participants. Video recording or shooting of cameras, games or objects in the room is prohibited. In case of non-observance of these rules, the game will be stopped immediately by the organizers without reimbursing its value.
  11. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to legal action against the person (s) who discloses confidential information.



  1. Web page content and design as well as the related databases, are the property of REILIN TREE SRL and are protected by the legislation in force regarding copyright and related rights. 
  2. TRAPPED ROOM ESCAPE is a registered trademark of OSIM.
  3. Any use of the content of for purposes other than those expressly permitted by this document or by the legislation in force is prohibited. Requests to use the content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by this document may be sent to the email address



  1. By placing a reservation / order on the website, the participants declare that they have read and understood the terms and conditions of the game applicable to this web page, as well as the rules of conduct imposed by the Administrator.
  2. Failure to accept the provisions of this Regulation makes it impossible to place a reservation / order on the website The website offers the Client the possibility to take note of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions when placing the order / reservation.