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What's an "escape room"?

Trapped is a real life escape room game that combines fun with teamwork and logic, in rooms where the atmosphere takes over and keep you in suspense for 60 minutes. The participants are locked in the chosen themed room, where they have to search for clues and solve the puzzles to escape. The ultimate goal? To escape!

Who can play?

Anybody! Trapped escape room games can be played by both adults and children. For more details on age recommendations and difficulty levels , check the rooms here: The Black Pearl, In Time, What if, Candyland.

What do you need to play?

Great news: you don't have to bring anything! You just need energy, attention, logic, outside the box thinking, intuition and a great team spirit. Not a very short list, haha!

Just bring these "ingredients" and we'll take care of the rest!

What's the time limit?

The maximum time you have for an escape room game at Trapped is 60 minutes. In Time has some peculiarities regarding time rules. You can find more details here.

Depending on availability, game and demand, you can exceed the allocated time limit in order to complete the game.

What are the rules?

The escape room game begins with a brief training on the rules of the game and safety. Once locked in the room, you have 60 minutes to escape, during which you need to enter the game's atmosphere and solve all its mysteries. Remember! Any clue can help and every puzzle must be solved if you want to escape ...

What is forbidden to do?

Any form of physical force is forbidden throughout the game. It is forbidden to endanger any participant or the game master. Video recording is prohibited in the room, for privacy reasons. For any violation of our rules, the game master has the right to interrupt the game.

Can we ask for help?

Of course! You can ask for help anytime during the game if you get stuck. You can request the hints by pressing a button in the game room and the game mater will help you with pictures or messages. Keep in mind there's a limited number of hints, so use them wisely!

ARE WE being monitored?

Yes, the game is monitored by security cameras located in each game room. The reason? So we can help you with hints when need. No need to worry, we don't record anything during the game!

What if we don't escape?

If you can't finish the game within the time limit, the game master will explain (on demand) the remaining steps until the end.

Don't worry, you won't be locked in there forever.

Do you think you have what it takes? Try our escape room games NOW!