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What if?

The story

How about waking up in an unknown place, seemingly unreal but in which everything seems so familiar? Would you try to come back to reality? Would you be overwhelmed by memories? What would it be like to see your whole life through your eyes? Would you give it back? Would you do things differently?

The line between real and unreal is defined only by your consciousness ...

Answer the question that will make rethink everything!


Escape Rate


An unique game in Europe, a completely different concept and an experience that must be by tried by escape room lovers!

The game is highly technologicalfocused on puzzles that will provoke you in a sensorial way.  You will encounter an accumulation of images, sounds and lights that completely transpose you into the story discovered along the way.

The room is available only in English. Level of knowledge of English: ENVIRONMENT


If you are passionate about new concepts and want to experiment different games, if you like tech games and a story that is well integrated into puzzles, then What if? is for you!

Recommended for more experienced players.



Nr. players:

2- 6

Feel the atmosphere!





Answer the question that will consume you ...