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Are you a fan escape room but stuck in the house? You don't know what an escape room is, but would you do something new to stop climbing walls? And we are not referring to the talents discovered by everyone lately 🍕 🍩 🌮💅💃🎨🍹 🎹… How about creating an escape room right at home? We who have been doing this for over 5 years thought that maybe you would like a little something else, so we have already taken care of it and created the first escape room kit in Romania. Turn any room into a game of clever puzzles using the TRAPPED @ HOME kits. We have already dealt with the script, dynamics, logic and fun (spirit!).

PS: you can also play in the garden, on the balcony, under the table or in the… tent 😊 Whatever works for you!

how does it work

Choose your game and buy the TRAPPED @ HOME kit. You will be able to download it immediately after the miracle of technology will confirm the transaction (chill, it takes a while). Print it out and prepare the game using the instructions. We have prepared everything for you to have an escape room experience right at your home. You will see the surprises in Kit 😊

who can play

TRAPPED @ HOME kits can be played at any age. It doesn't matter if you are 6 or 60 years old, it is important to be ready for adventure and 15 minutes of DIY (no, you will not learn how to make a shelf for the plants on the balcony). Each kit contains the ideal age recommendation and can be played by teams from 2 to as many as possible in the house 😜


For fun timp, time and at least one other unimaginable person. Materials required? A rake, a parachute, a grinder, an aviator's diploma… Ah for the game? All you need is a wall clock (or better a phone timer), a color printer, A4 paper, glue and scissors. For those without a printer or without a DIY mood (or more lazy 🤫) we also have the printed and ready-to-play version of the TRAPPED @ HOME Kit.

how long does the game last?

The preparation of the kit takes about 15 minutes, and the game usually takes 60 minutes. It depends on how influential your game master is 😊. The important thing is that you will have 60 minutes full of puzzles and huge mysteries that can propel you immediately in the Hall of Fame (if you send us the photos we can post them on social media with GDPR agreement etc). So ... are you ready to break a new record?


SUPERKIDS saves the planet 

The evil scientist Zerka has sent a letter to the leaders of the Planet in which he presents his vengeful plan to shrink the entire Earth and become the Leader of Mankind!
It must be stopped and the planet must be saved. You are SUPERKIDS, a team of brave superheroes who have been following Zerka for a long time. You only have 60 minutes to find and deactivate the RACKET. We suspect it's in ZERKA's SECRET LABORATORY, but no one knows how to find it.… Will you be able to?

Game duration: 60-90 minutes

Price: 60 lei - electronic version; 120 lei- physical version

Recommended age: 7+ and / or family activity

The robbery in the Berlin room escape kit trapped home

THE BERLIN robbery

Everyone has heard of the Heist Masters. Skilled robbers and crooks, united by the same goal: to rob the most important banks in the world and get their hands on colossal sums of money. No one knows that the Heist Masters are planning a new attack. Where? At the National Bank of Germany. Prey? € 130 billion, stolen in just 60 minutes! And no one knows you're part of the gang…

The robbery in Berlin… boom, boom, START!

Game duration: 60-70 minutes

Price: 60 lei - electronic version; 120 lei- physical version

Recommended age: 16+