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The story of Museum Quest

Cultural Project

Museum Quest is a Trapped brand project, unique in Romania, which aims to brings the public closer to national culture and values, through an interactive team game, which will take place in 3 reference museums in Bucharest (Village Museum, National Military Museum and National Museum of History of Romania).

"Museum Quest" is a Cultural project co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration.

Treasure Hunt

Museum Quest is kind of "Treasure hunt" (treasure hunt) which combines the cultural side of a visit to the museum, with the interactivity and mysteries of an escape room, but also the adrenaline of a treasure hunt. Each Museum Quest game has a unique story, inspired by the theme of the museum visited.

And because we are talking about a game, its purpose is to correctly solve as many missions as possible in the Exploration Sheets.


Where does it take place?

Every game Musem Quest🔎 will take place in a predetermined area of ​​the chosen museum, where participants will go through in detail the information encountered and will be in constant communication and search for clues.

Who can participate?

At a game within Museum Quest teams of 4 to 6 people can participate, who will have at their disposal a series of missions to be performed in the chosen museum. Museum Quest games are designed both for family activities and for groups of friends eager for a new and unique activity!

Minimum age for unaccompanied participation: 14 years.

Minimum age of accompanying participation (minimum 2 adults in the team): 7 years.

How does the game work?

At a Museum Quest event🔎 4 teams will participate in parallel. The goal for each team is to correctly solve as many missions as possible and get as many points as possible during the time allotted to the game. How? Using the information specific to the museum visited, but also personal skills, intuition and teamwork!

Each team will have a Explorer Kit, made available at the beginning of the game by Game Master. The kit is full of surprises! If teams need help and clues, they can communicate with Game Master at any time.

And because it's a competition, the winning team will receive one surprise prize 😊.


Muzeul Satului

Village explorers

11 July - 30 September

Eternity was born in the village! Discover the beauty of the world of the Romanian village, in a captivating diversity. It travels in the rural area of ​​Transylvania to the porches of Moldovan households, in the Banat area and to the banks of Dobrogea. Your mission? Exploring the details of architecture and traditions found on the paths of the Romanian village.

Are you ready to be the Village Explorers?

Military Museum

In the footsteps of the army

September 13 - October 4

Explorers, you will embark on a thrilling journey in the footsteps of history, where you will discover everything about the courage and worthiness of Romanians, about the desire to fight, endurance and ingenuity. You will start the adventure in the Middle Ages and finish it in the Second World War, finding out all the secrets of military techniques and meeting the bravest fighters!

Are you ready to step on the battlefield? 👣

History Museum

Discovering the Treasure

October 1 - 31

You are a team of Archaeologists on a mission to recreate a necklace that illustrates the mastery and essence of Romanian culture! The stories of the pieces from the Romanian Treasure will reveal to you the magic of some civilizations, the illustration of some events and personalities that marked our history. By discovering the mysteries and details of jewelry, you will be closer to your mission.

Ready for adventure? ⚱️

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