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In Time

The story

I built a machine that changed everything! At that moment I did not understand what I did, but it's never too late to fix my mistake. Time has gone wrong, it goes against me and I haven’t got enough! I must get more ... I must fix the machine so that I won’t remain the prisoner of the past, but more importantly, that time as we know it doesn’t become an illusion.

The time machine had to remain a utopia ... Time had to remain untouched!


Escape Rate


In an ordinary escape room game, time is your enemy, but here it will be your ally.

The game does not start from 60 minutes descending, but from 15, and you have to earn time to stay in the room until the end!

The room is available in both Romanian and English. Proficiency in English: MEDIUM


If you like the challenges and you want a unique game, then In Time is the escape room for you! With every passing minute, you will feel the adrenaline given by the passing of time faster than ever before.



Nr. players:

2- 5

Feel the atmosphere!





Travel in time and feel the adrenaline rush of an unique game ...