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What safety measures have been taken for COVID 19?

• we disinfect all common and play surfaces
• protective equipment
• mandatory mask
• teams of max. 4 people and no more than 2 rooms / range

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Can I pay by card?

Yes, with any card other than American Express.

Are there any limits for participating in the game?

The game is not recommended for epileptics, claustrophobics or pregnant women in their last trimester

What is the minimum age for playing?
  • For all games except for Candyland, the minimum age of unasupervised participation is 13-14 years. If they come with at least 2 adults, younger children can participate in the game.
  • For Candyland, the minimum age for participation is 6 years and the age for participation is 8 years.
In what language can we play the games?

Two of the rooms can be played exclusively in EN: The Black Pearl and What if ?. The English level required to solve the game is average. You can ask for the help of the game master if you do not understand certain words. 

Both In time and Candyland can be set up in EN on request (request this when booking).

Can more than 6 persons enter a room?

With a few exceptions, yes. It depends a lot on the event. You can contact us for more details.

Do you organize birthday parties for kids?

Yes, we do! You can check for more details or you can email us at for a customised offer!

What room do you recommend for beginners?

The Black Pearl is perfect for newbies: the difficulty level is medium, the room is dynamic and the escape room concept is perfect!

Do you have student discounts?

Yes, 10% of the displayed price, based on the relevant ID.

Are we locked in the room for real?

Yes, but you can open the door at any time by pressing the Emergency Exit button. 

Are security measures taken in emergency situations?

Of course! Safety comes first, so each room is equipped with an emergency exit button and fire extinguishers.